How to Make the Most of Attic Space

The first thing I want to say is that lofts should not be used for storage. In the past, people tended to store things there, and depending on the size of the loft space, children would sometimes discover things from their grandmother\’s youth in the loft. Certainly the attic can hold a lot of stuff, but it is tempting to store unnecessary things as well. Eventually, the attic becomes like an out-of-order warehouse.

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Renovation is the solution

Getting rid of the old and investing in renovation is a great way to provide, for example, a nursery. Of course, one could use the attic as a space to hang herbs, dry laundry, or store seasonal clothing, but it would be a shame not to make better use of the space. When remodeling, it would be a good idea to install a quality skylight to ensure adequate lighting. It is also worth considering flooring materials that will dampen the sound of walking, running, and moving around the room. Above all, make sure you have a quality doorway and don\’t forget to install a railing to prevent wear and tear on the walls due to constant holding on when entering the loft. Suddenly the attic becomes a loft that the whole family can use.
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When planning a renovation, how should you proceed?

First, think carefully. Think about how you want to use the room in the future. Then decide what kind of space you want. Once you have enough information by researching the Internet and asking around, look for a company that handles this. Consider price and quality of work. Read through references. Be clear about what you expect and require from the company. Once you have decided on a company, check their work regularly to make sure they are doing the job as agreed. It is too late to find out after the job is done that it is not to your liking. Check the craftsman\’s workmanship and don\’t feel foolish if you are not happy with something.

Renovations are great and definitely worth it.

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