Did you know that vines and wine are, if, for example, planted in a pergola garden? When preparing for planting, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the choice of the right grape variety, the most suitable place for growing grapes and preparing the soil, but also to plant the grapes themselves and prune them during the subsequent years of growth.
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Vine cut

Cutting vines is actually the most laborious task waiting for you when your vines take root and begin to grow after planting. In the spring, the vine begins to bud, and strong shoots begin to grow from its main eyes. However, in addition to these shoots, other weak shoots also grow on the vine and need to be removed during the growth of the vine. After removing these weak shoots, only 2 main and very high-quality buds remain on the vine.
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Care for seedlings

In early spring, vine shoots also need to be covered with soil and throw it into the mound seedlings, which are called shoots. This mound remains stacked near the seedling until 6 months, when it can be gradually rolled from the seedling.
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Mounting to Support

During the 7th month, the 2 main shoots of the vine are already strong enough, so you can begin to carefully guide the stronger shoots according to the already prepared support. The introduction of the vine into the support is carried out by tying its strong shoots to either pegs, wire mesh or pergolas. The shoots of the 2nd weak vine can also be completely removed from the vine or shortened in length to about 15 centimeters. Shortening the shoots has the advantage that this shoot creates a lot of new eyes during the growth of the vine. These eyelets can be used later, for example, if the main shoots of the vine accidentally freeze during the winter.

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