Every December, trendsetters from various industries gather to present their suggestions for next year\’s fashion colors. This brings together representatives from the design, art, media, and textile industries, as well as those who simply use color in their fields. The color chosen this year is Living Coral. Last year\’s color of the year was Ultra Violet, 2017 was greenish, and 2016 was soft pink.

korálový interiér

And indeed, coral began showing up everywhere this year. Besides the obvious areas such as the industries involved in designing clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories for people, many others have been inspired by this playful color, such as the coloring of furniture and other interior decorations, cell phones, and photographers. The color is also used in many cosmetics, and women can wear it everywhere, including on their nails, lips, and hair.
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And what does live coral actually look like? It is a deep coral-red hue, brightened and softened by gentle nuances of pink. It is an energetic and very pleasant color that suggests a return to nature.

Coral is unfortunately not a color that suits all types of women. It is best suited for women with dark hair, as it enhances their beauty. Blonde women, on the other hand, should be more cautious when wearing this color and either supplement it with darker accessories or go away from pastel shades in favor of a sharper coral color. Red does not suit redheads. But if they want this trendy color, they can opt for it if they use it in small areas and combine it with the right shades.

What colors can be combined with coral? Most colors are cool shades, such as emerald green, navy blue, gray, olive, and black. They also work well with deep pink, lime gold, soft beige, and universal white.