Coats for Spring 2020

Take away the color

Minimalists rejoice! This spring will be your style. The cuts and colors are pure minimalism.

Bring in neutrals

Beige, black and white, and gray. The largest color allowed is green. Cutting is also a sign of minimalism. However, do not look for ones with buttons, two or three on the sleeve ends at most. Robe style coats will be the norm. Only loose-fitting, belted ones.Or no belt at all. Lapels will be loose and coats will be knee-length.
dívka v koženkové bundě

The beasts are here too

So you are saying that minimalism is not for you and you were expecting patterns and colors this spring? Patterns, yes, even from the world of wildlife. The play of pattern in coats will remind you of the leopard, the beast of the African savanna.

Knit jackets

Long cardigans are also beltless and mid-calf. In spring, however, trench coats are a must for classic lovers.

What about jackets?

As for jackets, there is a wider range of colors and cuts this spring.

Here, in addition to the colors characteristic of minimalism, plaids and soft pastels are also allowed.
In terms of materials, neoprene, denim (mostly black and frayed), imitation suede, and corduroy are used for jackets. Cuts are dominated by puff sleeves and frequently used zippers. A novelty this spring is the extensive use of leather in every part of the garment, starting with blouses, shirts, and skirts, and continuing with outerwear such as jackets and coats. Leather this spring can be used as a whole jacket or in parts. Jackets made of this material are either mid-thigh or cropped in length.
dívka v šedém kabátě

A return to the past

The jackets for the upcoming spring 2020 season are reminiscent of the 1980s, with large pickled pockets with buttons or buttonholes. Some are reminiscent of flannel shirts, but unlike those, they are made of warmer material and lined.The rock style of spring jackets is represented by biker jackets, but these remain black.