Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

Most people would say that telecommuting is a dream. You can get up when you want, you don\’t have to shave or paint, you can take time off when you want, you can leave early and no one will notice. This is a bit of a simplistic view. Let\’s look at the most important advantages and disadvantages together.
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You are in control of your time.

You can plan your time (at least partially) as you wish. You can catch up on work when you get back, and going to the doctor is no problem. Nor do I have to beg for a half day off to play with my daughter or accompany my grandmother to her x-rays.
Just stay home
Home is home. You can put on your comfy sweatpants, drink coffee from your favorite mug, and walk your dog regularly. At the same time, you no longer have to worry about package delivery. You can pick up your packages virtually anytime.
You could save money
For want of a better term, you could save money. You will not have to incur the costs associated with commuting to work or work clothes. However, on the flip side, energy consumption at home would increase slightly.
Discipline, discipline, discipline
If you are weak-willed, pour yourself a glass of clear wine. Some people need a whip to get the job done in the allotted time. Especially if you work on a computer, you need to be strict with yourself and only allow a certain amount of time to be devoted to your work activities. Time can fly by when you\’re on Facebook or reading the news.
Family members will take advantage of you
If you have a family, they will take advantage of you being home all day, so it won\’t matter if you wash dishes, hang out the washing machine, or feed the neighborhood fish.
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Do you remember being annoyed by the chatter of a co-worker? Or remember when you couldn\’t stand your boss\’s jokes? Believe it or not, you will miss them. If not those two, you\’ll have more like-minded coworkers. Telecommuting strikes at the lack of social contact we all need. Think about whether being alone for half a day is the right thing to do, especially if you are an extrovert.
Ask yourself which aspects are advantages and which are disadvantages. After all, a home office is not for everyone. However, if, after reading this article, you no longer desire anything other than to work from home, then so be it!

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