What to bring to the hospital

Moms, especially first-time moms, have researched millions of articles on the Internet about what not to forget in a maternity travel bag. However, we must keep in mind that these are only instructions and that if you happen to forget your bag at home, nothing will happen. The important thing is the documents for the mom going into labor, and dad can always bring the rest of the stuff with him or buy it at the pharmacy.

They must bring identification, health insurance card, pregnancy card, marriage certificate for married parents, certificate from the registry office for unmarried couples, and a questionnaire about the child\’s name.
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Ideally, two bags should be taken directly to the maternity ward: a small bag for the delivery box and a bag for the ante-natal ward. The birth bag should contain the birth plan, shower slippers, toiletries, water, and snacks for you and your partner. Dextrose and dark chocolate are great energy boosters. A larger travel bag or suitcase should contain room clothes and items for mom who needs to heal. Don\’t overlook postpartum mesh panties, disposable pads and bra liners, Purelan or Bepantene ointment and hydrogel healing nipple pads, nursing bras, nursing shirts, gowns, socks, towels and toiletries. The maternity hospital will also lend gowns, but some mothers do not like wearing gowns and prefer to use their own clothes. Wet wipes for the baby and about five days\’ worth of disposable diapers or cloth diapers should be provided. A few disposable diapers are provided, but it is recommended that you provide your own. You will also need several size 50 and 56 garments, a car seat for your partner or family member to carry, clothing for when you return home, and, depending on the season, extra blankets or swaddles, as babies are very sensitive to temperature changes.
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Ideally, you should discuss this with your girlfriends and make your own personal list of essentials.