How to hide excess weight?

There are many tricks to make your excess weight less noticeable. Once you start using them, your figure will look a few pounds less. Hairstyles can also accentuate the body shape. For example, if you have long hair, make a high bun.hnědé boty

We all know that black is slimming, but don\’t dress head to toe in this color. The good thing is to learn how to combine colors correctly. Dark colors are most slimming when combined with lighter colors. Lighter colors on the upper body and darker colors on the lower body are best. Bold patterns, in particular, can increase weight.
Appropriate Materials
Next, it is important to choose appropriate materials. For example, flannel, leather, and velvet are suitable for slimmer figures. Additionally, shiny materials are not suitable. If extra weight is a concern, materials with added Lycra are suitable. Lace is also suitable. If the net section is problematic, then a flowing, lightweight material should be chosen.dámské rifle

Jeans are in everyone\’s wardrobe. The important thing, however, is to choose jeans that fit you best. If you want to slim your figure with jeans, do not choose light-colored jeans. Jeans in darker shades are better. High-waisted jeans cover the tummy and elongate the figure. If you have larger hips, choose washed jeans to draw less attention to your problem areas.
Shoes also play an important role
. Needle boots lengthen the legs but widen the calves. Wedge-heeled shoes are excellent. Do not buy shoes with rounded toes. Black or nude shoes are the correct color.