Yes, this little device has brought many benefits and opportunities to people. Even the first, two-line ones gave hints of things that were not there yet. And development is still going on. Manufacturers are still trying to figure out what they can pack into that little box that will make it better than the rest .

But mobile has also brought the other side of things. It is not his fault alone. It\’s not his fault, it\’s just a little computer. As always, it\’s the people\’s fault. And sometimes it ends up being a real tragedy. Think of the number of drivers who have had accidents because they weren\’t paying enough attention to their driving. And yet, more and more people are making phone calls just to wait to start watching a video or playing a game while driving. Anything goes.


I have a pronounced allergy to cell phone calls at certain times of the day. A mother has two children next door, but her eyes are glued to her cell phone and she won\’t take it off. And she is very surprised when her children fall on the road or fall somewhere. I would take the cell phone and the children away from such mothers. If the mother is not interested in the cell phone, that\’s fine.

If I am talking to someone and he starts talking on his cell phone, he is done with me. I walk away and I don\’t care about that person. Perhaps I might still tolerate a momentary apology, say that it was an urgent matter, or that it was a health matter. But if that person starts talking to someone else, I can only say that I was unlucky.


“Mobilization” office determines whether Annie has gritsor not, or where you go for a drink on a Friday night. You stand at the counter and do not believe it is happening. But it is happening, and if you want something from the waitress, you can\’t interfere.

In short, it is good to have control over your phone. Not only for making calls, but also for playing games, which can be distracting and addictive. No need to follow the example of the family I recently traveled with. They all sat together, pulled out their devices, and gave it their all. They stared at their phones while the scenery around them was beautiful.

And you?

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