How to avoid falling for business tricks when shopping

Let\’s be honest – who among us has never shopped at a discount? Special offers, discounts up to 80% off, 2+1 free …… Who among us hasn\’t been tempted? Yes, all of us. When we see a bright yellow sign in a store with an exclamation mark and the words DISCOUNT or SALE, we immediately take notice and go check out the merchandise.
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Then two options await us. Either we immediately purchase the item, thinking it is an absolutely fantastic price, even though we may not need it right now. But, by any chance, …… At this price, you have to buy it! You can\’t get it anywhere else. Or you wonder if the price is a bargain. So, you need to compare the price of that product with the price in other stores. The best way to check this is to use the Internet or visit the store in person. The next thing to do is to look at the original price. If it is unreasonably high, there is something wrong. Yes, this is also the seller\’s trick: he raises the price of the item and then cuts the price in half, giving you a 50% discount. So, as a result, this “discounted” item is the same price as it would have been without the discount.However, discounts attract shoppers, and shoppers often fall for this trick. Be vigilant and don\’t be fooled!
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Tips for efficient and economical shopping
– Don\’t shop when you are hungry. If you do, you will end up buying much more than you originally wanted.
– At home, make a list of items you want to buy and follow this list when shopping.
– When it comes to grocery shopping, think ahead of time about what meals you will be making and buy the perfect ingredients for your recipes. Many families shop on sale days and buy what comes in sight, but then fail to cook a single meal with those ingredients.
-Use your head and don\’t be fooled by discounts that are not worth it.
– On the contrary, look for discounts that make sense, where you know roughly the standard price of the product and can calculate that the purchase is really a bargain.
– Finally: buy only what you really need!