Lighting comes mainly from the skylight. However, if the space is large, this may not be sufficient. This is especially true if it is dark or the weather is bad. Choosing the right lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere. How can we do this?

Wiring is a rather complicated and difficult task, so be sure to leave it to the experts. Therefore, you need to know in advance what type of lighting you want. And which type can you choose from?

položená žárovka

Spot lighting

This type is very popular these days. It can be installed on the wall, ground, ceiling, and staircase. The great advantage is that it can be installed exactly where desired.

LED strips

Also called invisible lighting because they are special strips hidden in places that cannot be seen. In attics, they can be installed behind beams to create a pleasant dim light and interesting relief. There are also classic tapes and tapes of different colors.
LED osvětlení tunelu


Modern solutions for attics. With the help of a chimney, cables can be installed in the wing and lighting installed above it to illuminate the entire room. The cables can be led from wall to wall or diagonally upwards. They can be made in a variety of shapes.

Nothing prevents some kind of combination. The attic is a special place, so perhaps nothing else will. In any case, it is not worth saving on lighting.

In addition to the above, special decorative lighting can help create a relaxing atmosphere. You may not be able to read a book by it, but you can relax and unwind after a busy day.

For the fashionista, there are a variety of designer products available. These are very interesting looking and can be the icing on the cake when matched with other furnishings to create an atmosphere.

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