When purchasing a new (or used) car, those who are guided by the color of the bodywork are usually ridiculed. In fact, it is almost comical if one is intensely concerned about this seemingly unimportant parameter among different parameters. But that is not necessarily true. Yes, the condition of the car, its equipment, its driveability, and its safety are important, but in many ways it is the color of the car that is useful. In what way?zaparkovaná auta
This parameter is especially important with regard to safety. The more distinctive a vehicle is, the more and faster it can be easily overlooked on the road. However, there are some paradoxes. For example, golden colors are more visible during the day, but are less noticeable at night. In other words, the optimal hue is one that does not change with the time of day. However, the corresponding exact shades have not yet been invented. However, studies in general have evaluated which shades are safest based on accident rates. For example.

  • White cars are often said to be the safest. So if you are considering this color, be sure to write the reasons for this in the advantages section. It may outweigh the disadvantages such as general, easy to get dirty, wrinkles are easily visible, etc.
  • Orange cars provide a contrasting look both outdoors and on the street, and are number two in terms of safety. However, cars in these shades are still not very common and are quite difficult to find. Another problem is that the color is not luxurious enough for anyone to tolerate.
  • Other safe colors include yellow and pink, but these are also not popular shades for automotive use.

černé BMW na vozovce
On the other hand, there are also less safe shades. Here we can list black, dark blue, dark brown, dark red, and, in fact, almost any color starting with dark: …… These are harder to see at dusk because they blend into the background, which is why accident rates are higher.
In addition to safety, it is also said that certain shades convey certain characteristics. Red is for competitive, blue for calm, green for environmentalist or rebellious, and yellow for self-centered. …… but this comparison is just for fun and there is no verified information.

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