One of the most popular picture books for children is a picture book about animals. They are treasures that have been passed down from generation to generation in every family. One of these books was published in the 1950s. It is dedicated to all children who love nature. Remembering their grandmothers, what joy this book brought them as it waited for them under the Christmas tree at the time, even their grandchildren arouse their interest in reading this book. The perfectly crafted photographs of the animals are accompanied by the necessary information about where they live, what they eat, and how old they live, expanding even the youngest children with the information they need in the world they were born into.

Zvířata zblízka

The book\’s greatest asset is the fact that, 70 years after its publication, it still provides children with necessary information about animals. In particular, it is about wild and exotic animals with which they do not usually have contact. Three monkeys are described at the beginning of the book, but it is not only their appearance that is interesting. Not only their appearance, but also their names are interesting. Mangabey, Coturu, and Malpa. They are tree animals that live in the tropical forests of Africa and also in South America. Similarly, the ocelot, which children will first learn about in Animals Up Close and Personal, lives in the jungle. In Argentina and Mexico,

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its appearance gives the impression that it is just a larger version of an exotic cat. Ocelots build family huts on the ground, but spend most of their time during the day climbing trees. The fennec is also a little-known animal in this country. The dry, rocky Sahara desert is its habitat, and this small fox hunts insects, rodents, and lizards at night. Fennecs have large ears that serve as radar for foraging. Even the lucius cannot be seen in our area. Their appearance resembles not only the shape of the body, but also the color of the spruce\’s ball fruits. It has hard scales on the top. With its small feet, it moves not only on the ground, but also on trees and bushes. During the day they curl up and sleep. They also go hunting in the evening. These animals are found not only in Africa, but also in the tropics of India. They are also found in the tropics of India. They can grow up to one meter in length.

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