What does “delivery of data messages to the data box” mean?

When an employee of the national administrative authority sends a data message to a data box, it theoretically appears in the data box within a few minutes. However, the travel time of the message on the network as a data packet of information plays no role. The decisive moment when a message is delivered to the mailbox owner is considered to be the exact timewhen the so-called Authorized Person logs into the mailbox. This is the mailbox owner himself. In fact, all messages in the mailbox as new are considered delivered until the mailbox owner logs in. Delivered but undelivered. There is a difference. The paradox of this situation is that when the mailbox owner (Authorized Person) logs into the mailbox, all delivered messages are automatically generated into Delivered messages, even if the mailbox owner has not read them at all.
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When is a message in a mailbox considered read?

The situation is different when a so-called authorized personreads a message. The mailbox owner must have approved the person with the appropriate permissions in advance, and if the authorized person has been given permission to read messages after logging in, in addition to scrolling through the list of messages, messages that are not intended to be in the mailbox owner\’s own hands only will be marked as delivered. This will only occur if the “authorized person” also has this message reading range set. However, if only scrolling permission is set for authorized persons and they are not allowed to read any messages, or if only search permission is set for other people\’s mailboxes, simply logging into the mailbox will not generate a delivered message as delivered If you are not allowed to read any messages, or if you only have permission to search other people\’s mailboxes, simply logging into the mailbox will not generate delivered messages as delivered.
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Messages that appear in the data mailbox (if the person also has read permission) when a person with permission or authorization is already logged into the system and is scrolling through the message list, these new messages, even if unread These new messages are automatically marked as delivered, even if they have not been read.

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