The view from the window is worthwhile

Time spent sitting quietly with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or simply looking out the window at the surrounding scenery, is worthwhile. To further enjoy the view from the window, why not make your own decorations?
The best decoration is nature itself. In the past, frost painted pictures worthy of masters on windows, and people decorated the outside of their windows with conifer branches and straw ornaments. Only the frost no longer paints. Replace his art with your own and make your own decorations.vánoční dekorace.jpg

All you need is a little imagination

Draw pictures of snow-covered houses, churches, sleighs, and other motifs on stiff paper, cut them out, and glue them to your windows. Colorful electric lights can be hung to emphasize the overall impression.
A more modern approach is to use squares of felt, which are often sold in stationery stores. Snowmen, sleds, houses, snowflakes, or anything else you can think of. All of these decorations can be sewn into a chain with a needle and thread and hung in the window. Alternatively, ribbons can be attached and hung in the window. The ribbon can be attached to the product with a hot glue gun and glued to the window frame. After drying, the adhesive can be removed without leaving any residue.stačí málo.jpg

For the more demanding…

For the more labor intensive, there is crochet. Using a thin crochet hook and white or light blue yarn, crochet small ornaments such as bells and bubbles. Using wire and beads, snowflakes, bubbles, and small ornaments can also be made.
Those who have the opportunity to combine all of this with feeding the little birds at the bird feeder in front of the decorated window will have no shortage of beautiful views from the window any time they look out. Whether it is a glimpse of the beautiful decorations or the unique bird theater of nature, there is always something to see.