The True Story of Nintendo’s Mario

Since Mario became part of Nintendo\’s Donkey Kong universe in 1981, the game has quickly become one of the most popular video games of all time. Over the past three decades, Mario has appeared in over 100 titles and has been played on many platforms. Fans grew up with the bearded Italian plumber brothers Mario and Luigio and have not forgotten them.

Mario a Luigi

For most casual gamers, Mario games are a pastime to stave off boredom. Few average players find deep meaning in the stories behind them. At first glance, each game appears to have a stand-alone, non-sequitor story. However, true hardcore gamers have compiled a Super Mario timeline

using clues from the various sequels to assemble a complete biography of Mario, the protagonist of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Theories vary, but one theory states that Mario\’s story began with a series of games on Yoshi Island, where the young plumber was presumably born and raised. The island is known in English as the Mushroom Kingdom.

Another theory makes the bold claim that Mario and his brothers were born in Brooklyn, New York, but the exact details of his childhood are unknown. In any case, he was already an adult in the Big Apple. It was here that he began the most adventurous stage of his life, discovering the mysterious trumpet he would use to return to the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue Princess Peach. This part of the story is the most familiar to most players.
Super Mario

His nemesis is the infamous Bowser, who has tried many times to kidnap the Princess and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but fortunately, our plumber managed to prevail. After many futile attempts, Bowser was taken away and peace returned to the kingdom. After this event, several games were created without a storyline, they were Mario Kart and Mario Party.

Peace, however, is nothing to our hero. He sets out to find another adventure, namely to rescue another princess. She has been kidnapped by the villain Wario, who has once again invaded the kingdom. Here the story finally ends, but it is not a happy ending, as Mario\’s lust for adventure has driven him out of his own kingdom.