Summer in the attic doesn’t have to be hell

Everyone loves a sunny summer day. Lounging by the water, soaking up the sun, relaxing. For loft owners, however, summer can make life quite uncomfortable. Not only because of the heat, but also because of the many insects that drift into their homes. When the summer weather turns to hail, the noise can be unbearable. How can we deal with these problems as effectively as possible?
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1. Overheating

Many factors affect overheating, including insulation thickness, number and orientation of windows, glazing and window shading. And it is primarily shading that forms an effective defense against overheating. Shading reflects the sun\’s rays and keeps them out. There are several ways to effectively cover a house. Its construction allows unobstructed views through windows, while at the same time capturing and reflecting the sun\’s rays. They also allow plenty of light to enter the room. Outdoor roller blinds not only have the same effect as awnings, but also act as a noise barrier. They can pick up unpleasant sounds from outside, such as rain and road noise.
Another solution is air conditioning. However, not everyone can tolerate air conditioning; some people like to raise the temperature many times, while others prefer a few degrees different temperature. In addition, air conditioning dries out the air and incurs unnecessary energy costs.
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2. Insects

Temperamental insects can sometimes be very annoying. Killing them with fly swatters is not very effective, sprays and repellents stink, and electric repellents give off a foul odor. The solution to this problem is very simple: install insect nets. Once this is in place, fresh air can be brought into the room without a single bug entering.
All of these measures cost money, but they can make hot, humid summers more comfortable. Furthermore, since these are long-term investments, the high price is not prohibitive considering that they will be used for many years.

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