Is Global Warming Really Serious?

Even today\’s elementary school students can explain what global warming is and who is responsible for it. Almost every news report on the Internet tells us that humans and their industrial activities are responsible for rising global temperatures. People implicitly believe this statement, and some are willing to do anything to curb industry and emissions. Thus, burning substances are certainly not ideal for humans or nature, but do they pose the same threat as the aforementioned climate change? Scientists are trying to find out why the earth is warming. The answer is not as simple as many think.
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According to some scientists, the earth itself goes through two major climate phases. One is an ice age-like period, with very low temperatures. The other is a period of rising temperatures. And according to some scientists, we are now in a period of high temperatures for several centuries. Scientists are supposedly testing this theory.
On the other hand, there are many scientists who believe that climate change is entirely due to humans and their activities on Earth. This theory is more imaginable to us humans. We ourselves do not know where the truth lies, and even scientists cannot agree on the final verdict.
Let us look at the activities of entrepreneurs and companies. They are trying to link promotion and marketing to environmental protection. For example, for every one product they buy, they plant a tree ……. Manufacturers are also taking advantage of this global warming phenomenon. Is this another reason why the desire to save something that may not need help is taking hold?
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Like all scientists, people have their own opinions. Some think that thermal phase theory is nonsense. Others have the opposite opinion. But no one can determine where the truth lies, what is behind what has been named global warming. Perhaps in a few years all scientists will have a clear answer by concrete facts and documents.
Do not let yourself be carried away by the crowd and believe what is pushed under your nose. Always have your own mind and try to find the connections between things. You don\’t have to be a scientist to do this.

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