Comfortable living in a studio apartment. This is not a joke, you can easily achieve this.

You have only 1 room in which you live. Having a studio apartment doesn\’t mean you have to live badly and feel cramped. How to place it well and comfortably. 

Comfortable living in a studio apartment. This is not a joke, you can easily achieve this. 

Living in a studio apartment may seem uncomfortable, the space is cramped, there is no privacy, and a corner just for yourself is out of the question. You have this idea too. It may once have been true, but now it\’s far from true. You can also transform a small studio to have enough space to work, cook, sleep and relax. But if there is only 1 room for all these activities, how can I do that? 

bydlení ve dvou

Study in the bedroom and during the day at night

I\’ve heard of folding beds. If not, it\’s time to learn about them. Thanks to the folding bed, you can save a lot of space, and the space to sleep undisturbed at night can serve as a small living area for studying or relaxing and relaxing during the day. The folding bed is 1 stroke disassembled into a comfortable bed, and the morning is as easy as folding it on the wall, after the fact that you actually have a bed folded on the wall, there is no monument. In this area, you can create free space during the day. But you can use more similar tricks in the studio. 

malý byt

What furniture in the studio. 

The choice of furniture is really important, because today you just need to choose well, because you can have much more space just by folding not only the bed, but also the table. Also, you can move freely, so do not worry about furniture on wheels. In a studio apartment, if you want to separate the space, stick to the rule that everything important and large should be near the wall. Before going to bed, try putting the kitchen on the other side of the room. It is worth sleeping by the window, you will also breathe better and easily ventilate. As for the storage space, it can also be very skillfully used as a partition wall between one side and the other side of the room. 

Then you can create your own privacy very easily by dividing the walls, and you can store some of those things there.Working with always bright colors makes the extra space look airy and feel better. 


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