Benefits provided by the Job Center

You were living a pretty happy life and suddenly your life is literally turned upside down. Your lovely partner turns out to be a fraud, your fixed-term employment ends, and suddenly you are unemployed, penniless, and have no breadwinner. Misfortunes don\’t walk on mountains, they walk on people. You fall into a slump, struggling just to take care of your children with what little money you have. On top of that, you are alone without the support of your peers, and illness is knocking at your door.
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If you find yourself in a tight spot, know that there is always a way out. Don\’t fold your hands in your lap; stand up for yourself. If you lose your job, go to the unemployment office. Even if you are resistant, if you have never been to an unemployment office, know that you should go to an unemployment office. Because once you are unemployed, and you are not a state-sponsored health insurance provider, and you are a stay-at-home mom, you are going to have health insurance debt. And it grows every day. Health insurance companies can “go” by checking up to the last 5 years and assess the premiums owed! Thus, if you are unemployed, register with the unemployment office. Not only does the state pay for your health insurance, but it also provides some sort of security. No, the state does not take care of you. If you are entitled to unemployment benefits, your unemployment benefits will be paid by the unemployment office.
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They also offer various retraining courses that are paid for by the state. Furthermore, the employment office has other departments in addition to the employment department. It is possible to apply for child benefits and state social assistance benefit housing allowances. In addition, the employment department also offers parental benefits, maternity benefits, and, although no one in particular wants to claim them, the unfortunately life-threatening benefit, funeral benefits. Each allowance requires a different form and has different conditions. Don\’t worry, the Job Center staff can advise you.